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About Us

The old Buggles song - Video Killed The Radio Star - nostalgically lamented old technology and worried about the new. Some 4 decades on digital and social technologies might be accused of killing the TV star. But video didn’t really kill the radio star. And digital has not killed the television star. Each new medium just adds to the grand possibilities of storytelling. Digital has encouraged television to innovate, to evolve. We’re evolving too.

The Buggles released that song way back in 1979. We were there then. We’re still here now. As Agtel we probably made the very first commercial videos in Ireland. Over the last 39 years we have made content for almost every blue chip and government agency in Ireland – and a fair few in Europe too. We led the way as video migrated from clunky tape to digital file to live transmission on social. We were also among the very first companies to make television independently for RTÉ. That was way back in 1993, first as Agtel, then later as the free-thinking Independent Pictures, which has grown into one of the country’s busiest television production companies.

It’s time to evolve again. In 2018 we are bringing our video agency Agtel and TV production company Independent Pictures together under one name. We are joining up the worlds of television, video and social to offer something truly unique. Independent Pictures brings award-winning television experience to video and to social. To television Agtel brings expertise in short form content but also the strategic know-how to maximise its potential on all available social and online channels. Together we are indiepics.

Platforms will ever evolve but pictures and sounds and words remain at the heart of storytelling. And storytelling is how we encourage people to engage and care and act. We tell stories. We make television. We make video. We devise campaigns and strategies to make content work for our audiences and our clients. We make people care. We make people want to engage. We’re very good at it because we believe in an authentic, creative, truthful, intelligent approach to our work.

In short, we make content that matters that audiences want to watch.

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