Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club

Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club is a motivational, inspirational multi-media campaign that seeks to talk to the “Gael” in each of us. It seeks to rekindle a sense of pride in the language and to turn that pride into something tangible whereby we will be inspired use the Irish we have, however much or however little that is. This appeal to our pride (our bród) is at the very heart of the campaign. The series exhorts people to join the Bród Club, an online social network that will connect like-minded people, locally and nationally, and give them access to a wide range of tools to help them use the Irish language.

Former boxing World Champion Bernard Dunne fronts the campaign. He is aided in that process by a professional communications team. Cameras follow his and his team’s progress as they utilise a combination of guerilla tactics, charm, celebrity endorsement, publicity stunts, peer pressure, emotional blackmail, local advocacy and the most modern of digital and social media tools – all to achieve his goal, to ignite the spark in people to use the language. The series is a national call to action – Be Proud Of Your Language – Use What You Have – Get Back On The Capall.

‘Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club’ RTÉ One 6 x 30′ campaign series

Supported by BAI Sound and Vision Fund

*Nominated ‘Best Special Language Series’ Irish Film and Television Awards 2013*