Inspiring our coastal communities with success stories

BIM, Ireland’s fisheries agency, wanted to raise awareness of the €12 million European Union FLAG funding available to Ireland's coastal communities. The key target audience for this campaign is people living in areas that make their livelihood from fishing and local business people who could avail of the funding themselves.

Co-funded under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, FLAG funding is a real life-line to many of Ireland’s remote fishing communities.  We focussed on 7 coastal projects to tell interesting and heart-warming stories of families, fishermen and businesses that benefited from this welcome investment.

Collaborating with other agencies, we led the video-first campaign which had a huge reach among its focussed target audience with significant online video views across Facebook (over 122,000 views), Twitter (over 147,000 views) and YouTube (over 17,000 views). This has been in addition to PR print and radio coverage right across the country, amplifying the campaign with a cumulative audience reach of over 6 million to date.

Advertising Value Equivalent calculated so far is in excess of €1.5 million.

Services provided

Creative, Content Creation, Direction, Post-production, Illustration, Editing.

When Zurich looked to the past, it delivered future leads via Facebook

Winner of Most Effective Use of Data & Insights at the Irish Content Marketing Awards 2018

Irish Content Marketing Awards Winner badgeSavings are not the sexiest topic. It’s always difficult to get people to prioritise tomorrow over today. But that’s exactly what Zurich challenged us to do.

How do we get people to actually decide “Today is the day I become a grown up and start a savings policy”?

Most of us can’t believe how fast time flies. So we thought, imagine if you’d started saving 8 years ago? You’d have a significant amount - enough to make people think twice about putting it off.

With the #RememberThis short-form video campaign, we initiated conversations on social media by building social connectedness through nostalgia. Using funny memes and moments of the last decade we engaged people with Zurich’s real benefit, i.e. the amount of money you would have saved over time...

Our approach was also all about timing. Our nostalgic moments linked in with current conversations on social, from #BeastfromtheEast to #Eurovision to #WorldCup. We even turned around a #heatwave clip in rapid time to make sure our ad surfaced as that topic trended on social. And we got a little help during Snowmageddon earlier this year from a famous Prat fall from the Big Freeze of 2010...

But it’s not just about comments, shares, and likes. To date, across the campaign, the videos have delivered click-through rates up to 1,000 times the industry average.

For the ‘Big Freeze’ video alone, the client expected to achieve 20k video views and 1,666 link-clicks on Facebook. This video delivered 290k video views, 4,152 link clicks and 42 conversions on site. All adding up to a significant return on investment for Zurich on that video alone.

We’ve already published 9 videos as part of this campaign with a further 6 in the pipeline. So successful has our strategy been that it recently won the Most Effective Use of Data & Insights in the Irish Content Marketing Awards 2018.

Services provided

Creative, Content Creation, Digital Strategy

A helpful video for Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health wanted to help Mums-to-be navigate the confusing world of maternity care in Ireland.  They tasked us with making a clear, friendly video they could share with customers and would-be parents. This was no easy task.  In Ireland, there are multiple options to have your baby and lots of pros and cons to each. But we didn’t want to labour (ahem) this too much so we conceived (couldn’t resist) an idea with our hero baby at the centre.  We all know the sweet spot for mums is a cute baby, right? Yet we also needed to convey a lot of dense information.

We put the baby front and centre and created a little lo-fi world of cut outs in the Irish Life Health brand colours - featuring hospitals, nurses, doctors and even the odd syringe.  We told parents what they could expect in the private, semi-private and public options in hospital as well as featuring midwife-led care. We managed to cover all the salient points - with our super-cute heroine at the centre.

Services provided

Creative concept, Content Creation, Direction, Video Production, Set design and build.



Eurofound work

How well we work and how well we live in Europe are topics that concern us all. The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) provides research-based findings and knowledge to help develop social and work-related policies. This is a complex and multifaceted topic, and we provided a wide range of multimedia and print design services to Eurofound to help engage its stakeholders.

From designing its new visual identity to creating a multimedia suite of communications products, we used the latest communication and design trends to communicate Eurofound’s important research findings.

As holders of their 4 year single party framework for multimedia promotion and design services, we worked with Eurofound’s information and communications team to engage their diverse audiences. And working closely with them has helped us improve our own living and working conditions too.

Woodie’s #NiceOne campaign

Woodie’s wanted to drive awareness of their brand on social and grow their highly engaged Irish audience on Facebook. However research suggested that many of Woodie’s customers were reluctant to ask for DIY advice in-store, so we developed a weekly social video campaign called #NiceOne to help make DIY tips and hacks super easy.

Just as people were thinking ahead to the weekend’s DIY projects, we published one of 44 short form videos every Friday. The results of this ‘serial’ approach to the videos far exceeded all expectations. Thousands of people tagged their dads, sisters, aunties and housemates on Facebook. DIY geniuses weighed in with their own tips. More people said “thank you Woodie’s” than we could count. Not only that, but the videos prompted viewers to ask about Woodie’s services, products and store openings - sparking direct conversations with the Woodie’s team on Facebook - right underneath the videos.

For Woodie’s, the campaign helped them deliver on their brand promise to ‘help customers make the most of where they live, love and laugh.’ For us, well, what we don’t know about DIY now is really not worth knowing…

open eir’s fibre rollout

open eir began rolling out the largest rural broadband project ever undertaken in Ireland in 2016. Three hundred thousand homes and businesses in rural Ireland were getting high-speed fibre right into their homes. Our job? To tell customers and stakeholders this was happening and create anticipation for the new services.

Our campaign led with a “hero” documentary film. We brought viewers on a journey from the early days of the internet to the incredible 1 Gigabit speeds of open eir’s new Fibre to the Home technology. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, we captured the stories of rural customers whose lives had been transformed with access to the new fibre – from a Donegal grandmother talking to her grandkids on Facetime to a farmer watching his cattle with webcams in Mayo. We also brought people behind the scenes of the rollout, showcasing the scale of the project and the expertise of open eir’s rollout team through video.

The campaign included a six-month-long social media campaign, event content, PR and web. The fibre rollout? Well you’re quite possibly reading this courtesy of open eir’s new fibre…


TEDxUCD is an annual showcase of the brightest minds, out-on-the-edge research and left of field thinking from the University College Dublin community. An independently organised TEDx event, it follows the highly successful TED Talks format.

The indiepics team provide a multi-camera studio setup in UCD, live mixing on location and live streaming across the world. We also quickly edit the clips and have them up on the TED YouTube channel for those who missed the live show.

It’s safe to say we pretty much love this gig. Some of our favourite talks so far? Dr. Mark Rowe prescribing lifestyle as the best medicine and Michela Higgins on the cancer story you haven’t heard.

Transatlantic Cable – IDA Ireland

Valentia Island, County Kerry is the home to one of the most fascinating stories in communications history. 150 years ago, the first transatlantic telegraph cable was laid between Ireland and Newfoundland, heralding a new era of communication between Europe and America. In partnership with IDA Ireland, The Transatlantic Cable Foundation are campaigning for the landing site at Valentia Island to receive UNESCO World Heritage status. indiepics was commissioned to bring the incredible story of the First Transatlantic Cable alive through a short documentary film.

Visiting Valentia Island, we captured footage of the cable station and breathtaking local landscape. We brought the wealth of historical images to life for film using the cinemagraph technique – a subtle way of animating images to create movement. The film is now being used internationally to bring the Valentia Island story to a wider audience.

Research & Innovation for Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, is ranked number one in Ireland and regularly appears  in the top 100 list of global universities.  Their Research and Innovation department commissioned a  video showcasing the development of research in the college, positioning Trinity as a leader in research and innovation and a generator of talent and ideas.

Trinity is Ireland’s oldest university.  Reflecting this heritage,  we created a video that blended the traditional with the innovative.  Combining footage of iconic imagery from the campus with graphics designed to illustrate centuries of learning, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, we created a film that perfectly blends Trinity’s glorious past with its bright future.


Food safety, an issue never far from the news headlines, is guaranteed to have consumers on high alert. As the European agency set up by the EU to be a trusted source of scientific advice and communication on risks associated with the food chain, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) plays a key role in this area. EFSA believes that the work of public bodies, particularly those safeguarding public health, should be as accessible and transparent as possible. We produce a wide range of content for them to help raise awareness around this important topic.

Our EFSA work ranges from animations about the crisis in bee health, to conference kick-off videos and informative ‘Understanding Science’ videos that put their scientists in the spotlight – as well as in-depth interactive web scrollers. Many of these productions are multilingual with subtitles in multiple European languages. Short versions of longer form content are also created for distribution on social media.

These productions are produced as part of the 4 year single-party framework we have been appointed to, running from 2016 to 2020. We also won EFSA’s previous 4 year multimedia and video framework, and the content we’ve created for them has consistently been well received by their target audiences. Interestingly, absences due to food poisoning are notably down in our office. A coincidence? We think not.

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