A helpful video for Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health wanted to help Mums-to-be navigate the confusing world of maternity care in Ireland.  They tasked us with making a clear, friendly video they could share with customers and would-be parents. This was no easy task.  In Ireland, there are multiple options to have your baby and lots of pros and cons to each. But we didn’t want to labour (ahem) this too much so we conceived (couldn’t resist) an idea with our hero baby at the centre.  We all know the sweet spot for mums is a cute baby, right? Yet we also needed to convey a lot of dense information.

We put the baby front and centre and created a little lo-fi world of cut outs in the Irish Life Health brand colours - featuring hospitals, nurses, doctors and even the odd syringe.  We told parents what they could expect in the private, semi-private and public options in hospital as well as featuring midwife-led care. We managed to cover all the salient points - with our super-cute heroine at the centre.

Services provided

Creative concept, Content Creation, Direction, Video Production, Set design and build.