open eir’s fibre rollout

open eir began rolling out the largest rural broadband project ever undertaken in Ireland in 2016. Three hundred thousand homes and businesses in rural Ireland were getting high-speed fibre right into their homes. Our job? To tell customers and stakeholders this was happening and create anticipation for the new services.

Our campaign led with a “hero” documentary film. We brought viewers on a journey from the early days of the internet to the incredible 1 Gigabit speeds of open eir’s new Fibre to the Home technology. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, we captured the stories of rural customers whose lives had been transformed with access to the new fibre – from a Donegal grandmother talking to her grandkids on Facetime to a farmer watching his cattle with webcams in Mayo. We also brought people behind the scenes of the rollout, showcasing the scale of the project and the expertise of open eir’s rollout team through video.

The campaign included a six-month-long social media campaign, event content, PR and web. The fibre rollout? Well you’re quite possibly reading this courtesy of open eir’s new fibre…

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