European Commission Social Visuals

Incensed by credit card fees when booking a ticket online? Thankfully they’ll be gone soon on most card payments – thanks to the EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It’s just one of the policy initiatives that we’ve brought to life with attention-grabbing animated GIFs and infographics for the European Commission.

As the department responsible for EU policy on banking and finance, DG FISMA recognises that data visuals are a powerful way of communicating policy messages and data in a succinct and straightforward way. We were tasked with creating a series of 15 data visuals on a wide variety of complex topics. Pushed out via Twitter and their email newsletter, our creative approach to these animations ensures they are both eye-catching and informative. Often working to tight deadlines, we distill complex topics into cleverly simple and interesting visuals. We continually develop visually fresh and appealing ways of telling the stories behind the numbers.

This work has delivered impressive results for DG FISMA by helping them reach and engage with a wider audience across Europe. And they’ve given our creative and finance teams more to chat about over coffee too…