FBD Champions for Change

Every year, there are 2,500 serious accidents on Irish farms, on average. In 2016 alone, 21 people tragically died on Irish farms due to accidents.
FBD, with their farming background, felt a real need to engage farmers around safety and create real cultural change with their ‘Champions for Change’ campaign.

indiepics’ brief was to bring ‘Champions for Change’ into the social and digital space, engaging a highly targeted audience around a difficult but important topic. Our digital action was to encourage farmers to register via email to become a ‘Champion for Change’, thus creating a nationwide cause that the farming community could get behind.

Our cross-platform strategy included a dedicated campaign microsite, with highly engaging social media content. Harnessing the power of events, we drove digital sign ups. The lively social content mix included 6 second social videos on safety topics; video shout outs from farming influencers and celebrities; and competitions to drive engagement. The campaign has received a resoundingly positive response from the farming community. In the first six months of the digital campaign, over 3,000 people signed up to become Champions for Change. The campaign content also received huge engagement across social channels and garnered positive PR for FBD.