Inspiring our coastal communities with success stories

BIM, Ireland’s fisheries agency, wanted to raise awareness of the €12 million European Union FLAG funding available to Ireland's coastal communities. The key target audience for this campaign is people living in areas that make their livelihood from fishing and local business people who could avail of the funding themselves.

Co-funded under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, FLAG funding is a real life-line to many of Ireland’s remote fishing communities.  We focussed on 7 coastal projects to tell interesting and heart-warming stories of families, fishermen and businesses that benefited from this welcome investment.

Collaborating with other agencies, we led the video-first campaign which had a huge reach among its focussed target audience with significant online video views across Facebook (over 122,000 views), Twitter (over 147,000 views) and YouTube (over 17,000 views). This has been in addition to PR print and radio coverage right across the country, amplifying the campaign with a cumulative audience reach of over 6 million to date.

Advertising Value Equivalent calculated so far is in excess of €1.5 million.

Services provided

Creative, Content Creation, Direction, Post-production, Illustration, Editing.

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