Woodie’s #NiceOne campaign

Woodie’s wanted to drive awareness of their brand on social and grow their highly engaged Irish audience on Facebook. However research suggested that many of Woodie’s customers were reluctant to ask for DIY advice in-store, so we developed a weekly social video campaign called #NiceOne to help make DIY tips and hacks super easy.

Just as people were thinking ahead to the weekend’s DIY projects, we published one of 44 short form videos every Friday. The results of this ‘serial’ approach to the videos far exceeded all expectations. Thousands of people tagged their dads, sisters, aunties and housemates on Facebook. DIY geniuses weighed in with their own tips. More people said “thank you Woodie’s” than we could count. Not only that, but the videos prompted viewers to ask about Woodie’s services, products and store openings - sparking direct conversations with the Woodie’s team on Facebook - right underneath the videos.

For Woodie’s, the campaign helped them deliver on their brand promise to ‘help customers make the most of where they live, love and laugh.’ For us, well, what we don’t know about DIY now is really not worth knowing…