When Zurich looked to the past, it delivered future leads via Facebook

Winner of Most Effective Use of Data & Insights at the Irish Content Marketing Awards 2018

Irish Content Marketing Awards Winner badgeSavings are not the sexiest topic. It’s always difficult to get people to prioritise tomorrow over today. But that’s exactly what Zurich challenged us to do.

How do we get people to actually decide “Today is the day I become a grown up and start a savings policy”?

Most of us can’t believe how fast time flies. So we thought, imagine if you’d started saving 8 years ago? You’d have a significant amount - enough to make people think twice about putting it off.

With the #RememberThis short-form video campaign, we initiated conversations on social media by building social connectedness through nostalgia. Using funny memes and moments of the last decade we engaged people with Zurich’s real benefit, i.e. the amount of money you would have saved over time...

Our approach was also all about timing. Our nostalgic moments linked in with current conversations on social, from #BeastfromtheEast to #Eurovision to #WorldCup. We even turned around a #heatwave clip in rapid time to make sure our ad surfaced as that topic trended on social. And we got a little help during Snowmageddon earlier this year from a famous Prat fall from the Big Freeze of 2010...

But it’s not just about comments, shares, and likes. To date, across the campaign, the videos have delivered click-through rates up to 1,000 times the industry average.

For the ‘Big Freeze’ video alone, the client expected to achieve 20k video views and 1,666 link-clicks on Facebook. This video delivered 290k video views, 4,152 link clicks and 42 conversions on site. All adding up to a significant return on investment for Zurich on that video alone.

We’ve already published 9 videos as part of this campaign with a further 6 in the pipeline. So successful has our strategy been that it recently won the Most Effective Use of Data & Insights in the Irish Content Marketing Awards 2018.

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